Mechanical Systems Diagnostics

The mechanical equipment of your cooling tower is vital to deliver the thermal performance you need. If the fan isn’t rotating when you need it, you could be losing money. SPX Cooling Technologies has the engineering, ratings and design experience on Marley fans, Geareducers, couplings and driveshafts that have been an integral part of Marley cooling towers for decades. Who can troubleshoot and diagnose your particular situation better than the one who designed it all? Whether you have questions on oil viscosity, vibration trends, alignment, or general preventive maintenance tips, SPX has the answers.




Oil analysis: SPX Cooling Technologies engineers can provide advice on the condition of your oil based on third party lab results. Water contamination, oil degradation, or excessive wear metal particles can all be detrimental to keeping your Marley Geareducer® running optimally.

Vibration analysis: Your Marley representatives can coordinate vibration spectrum data collection in the field to understand your specific tower and pinpoint a solution to minimize vibration.

Mechanical alignment: Maintaining proper alignment and consistent fan blade pitch is essential to keeping your mechanical equipment running smoothly for the longest life possible. Your Marley Representative can assist you by providing the appropriate materials and guidance to help you get the job done right.

General Preventive Maintenance: Following recommended maintenance schedules provided within our Marley User Manuals help extend the life of your equipment. Whether you are doing visual checkups, or preparing your Geareducer for long-term storage, we can provide you with the necessary information to take good care of your valuable assets.


For well over 80 years Marley cooling towers have utilized Marley design and manufactured mechanical equipment components. Utilizing this vast knowledge that SPX Cooling Technologies offers enables you to avoid an emergency shutdown from a mechanical failure. Minimizing vibration will also help maximize the life of a cooling tower and save money in the long run. Engineering support through our knowledgeable Marley Representative network is never far away.


You’ll find a full suite of technical services available to help ensure your operation is efficient, optimized and compliant. Where applicable, our technicians and methodology abide by CTI and ASME guidelines; and regardless of process or procedure, our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Ultimately, what SPX Cooling Technologies offers is the peace of mind that over a century of cooling tower experience can bring. Because we design, engineer, manufacture, and service world class cooling tower brands, it only stands to reason we understand them better, inside and out.

When you need consultative technical services for your cooling towers—whether it’s to diagnose or upgrade individual units or entire systems—you need to remember only one name: SPX.

When it comes to specific cooling tower services, there are plenty of options available. In fact, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the large number of companies that offer expertise in a specific field or for a particular region.

Marley has been a part of the entire cooling tower lifecycle—from design and manufacturing to service and reconstruction— for almost a century. With such a unique perspective and unparalleled knowledge, SPX Cooling Technologies looks beyond one-off solutions to provide complete longevity solutions—proven, convenient, and value-driven approaches that maximize tower performance…as well as maintenance budgets.

Whether you own, operate or maintain cooling towers, SPX is the only call you’ll need to make for total cooling tower care and complete peace of mind.


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