• A Comprehensive Approach to the Analysis of Cooling Tower Performance

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    The generally accepted concept of cooling tower performance was developed by Merkel in 1925. The Merkel Equation combines the sensible and latent heat transfer into an overall process based on enthalpy potential as the driving force.

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  • Air Inlet Water Management

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    Cooling towers bring water and air into contact to drive heat transfer. At the interface, where air and water first meet, an important objective is to retain water inside the tower.

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  • Application of Cooling Towers for Free Cooling

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    Energy costs and operating efficiency have gained considerable importance in the minds of many building owners and plant operators in recent years. Current prospects for future prices of energy resources suggest that these issues will become even more urgent as environmental concerns and the high cost of money exert an ever greater impact on building design and operation.

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  • ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000 Legionellosis

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    Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems.

    Posted with permission from ASHRAE ©2000.  This document may not be copied nor distributed in either paper or digital form without ASHRAE’s permission.
    Contact ASHRAE at http://www.ashrae.org.

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  • Classifying Cooling Towers

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    Cooling towers are used in a range of applications. The cooling tower industry has devised several ways to classify cooling towers to make comparing them for various applications easier.

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  • Cold Weather Operation of Cooling Towers

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    This technical paper’s primarily purpose is to address the cold weather operation of open-circuit cooling towers associated with water cooled chiller systems, including those with waterside economizers.

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  • Cooling Options take the LEED

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    SPX Cooling Technologies is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and an advocate of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Program.

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  • Cooling Tower Approach

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    The simplest function of a cooling tower is to cool water to a desired temperature. For evaporative processes, the difference between the cold water temperature and entering wet bulb temperatures is the approach.

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  • Cooling Tower Energy and Its Management

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    Because of the fuel shortages which began to manifest themselves in the early 1970s, the cost of energy began an asymptotic rise. The level of attention to energy savings has risen as a part of a broader green approach to design, including carbon footprint.

  • Cooling Tower Fundamentals

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    Cooling Tower Fundamentals is devoted to the implementation of water cooling systems which satisfy design and environmental requirements with sound engineering and responsible cost.

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