Descripción general MarPak is a modular PVC corrugated fill media specifically designed for biological treatment applications as part of the Biomedia System.


MarPak is manufactured from rigid PVC sheets that are UV protected and resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, as well as acids and alkalines commonly found in wastewater.

MarPak includes a full range of modular PVC media geometries for wastewater treatment including complete secondary treatment, nitrification, denitrification, industrial roughing filters and anaerobic treatment. MarPak modules are manufactured in various sheet thicknesses to meet specific structural requirements.

MarPak MXF and MCR Series media can be used to treat a variety of industrial waste streams. Due to the wide variation in treatability of industrial wastes, trickling filter performance is best determined from data from trickling filter installations treating similar wastewater, general design curves for various categories of industrial wastewater, or pilot studies.

MarPak is available in both the highly efficient 60º cross flow design (MXF Series) for complete secondary treatment and nitrification and the vertical flow design (MCR Series) for treating high strength municipal or industrial wastewater. A mixture of cross flow and vertical flow is often utilized for deep filters in order to take advantage of the higher efficiency cross flow in the upper media layers.

MarPak media is available in specific surface areas from 30 to 66 square feet per cubic foot with a void-to-volume ratio of over 95%.