Übersicht Marley HP7i fans are designed specifically for cooling tower applications, offering distinct advantages over other types of fans.


The Marley Flare Tip™ blade enhanced for low noise operation, delivering maximum air flow an pressure capability at reduced speed.

The HP7i blade is a single piece composite design ensuring structural integrity. Fan blades with bolted or glued connections between the blade shank and airfoil section introduce an additional mechanical joint under stress. The one piece composite design ensures the integrally molded leading-edge will not come off or fail and the blade will handle the toughest cooling tower applications.

Blades attach to the fan hub using a heavy-galvanized iron ring integrally molded with each fan blade. By loosening the hub attachment hardware, blades can easily be rotated to achieve desired pitch, permitting maximum utilization of fan horsepower.

  • True "twisted" airfoil design

  • Fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester laminate

  • Single piece construction

  • Heavy duty steel hub assembly

  • 120" through 240" diameter

  • Stainless steel hardware standard