Übersicht Marley HP7000 fans are designed specifically for industrial cooling tower applications, offering distinct advantages over other types of fans.


The Marley Flare Tip™ blade enhancement provides increased performance overcoming tip clearance losses, aiding the movement of air next to the fan cylinder.

The wide blade design is well suited for low noise operation, delivering superior air flow and pressure capability at reduced speed.

The skin of the HP7000 is made with top-quality fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester that is infused with pigment for even distribution across the laminate. There are multiple layers of surface veil on the blade surface leading to superior UV protection compared to fans with only a painted exterior.

Constructed in one continuous piece, with a consistent moment weight, HP7000 blades are interchangeable without the need to rebalance the fan assembly. A nylon leading edge erosion barrier is molded into each blade to ensure long service.

The hollow blade is designed with a deep section airfoil making the HP7000 strong, yet light and easy to handle.

  • True "twisted" deep airfoil design

  • Fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester laminate

  • Single piece construction

  • Heavy duty dual-plate heavy galvanized steel hub assembly

  • 240" through 394" (10 meter) diameter

  • Stainless steel hardware standard