Übersicht Marley's Comp-DS driveshaft is a completely new, technologically advanced design, intended to meet or exceed the most rigorous cooling tower specification requirements


Marley’s patent pending, unitized, carbon-fiber flexible elements with slip-fit, stainless steel hubs are easier to install and align than others using steel torque elements. Comp-DS driveshafts are designed for fans up to 10 meters in diameter and for motors up to 300 hp.

Marley’s Comp-DS composite driveshafts offer the following benefits:

Low Maintenance - Ease of Installation—The full-floating design has no intermediate couplings or bearings. The simple hub design and corresponding unitized flex-elements, require less labor to install and maintain than previous designs. Also, maximum installation misalignment requirements are relaxed.

Lightweight—The lightweight, permanently bonded, tube and flange assembly is easily handled by technicians without the need for lifting equipment. The reduction in rotating mass also results in lower radial loads on motor and Geareducer bearings. Additionally, any realized loads from vibration in the mechanical system and adjoining structure are less.

Modern Construction—Robust composite design is comprised of high strength fiberglass and/or carbon-fiber reinforced tubes in a tough epoxy matrix along with fiberglass flanges and urethane encased, carbon-fiber flex-elements. Additionally, the quantity of components and hardware is minimized.

  • Outstanding durability

  • Designed specifically for cooling tower duty

  • Carbon Fiber tube

  • Stainless hardware standard

  • Factory balanced

  • Lengths up to 15' (4.6m)